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Cordoni Cordedrago are large caliber strings in whole lamb gut, for the biggest bass of baroque musical instruments, as they are of an exceptional softness, power and sound.

However, the adopted twisting system is not "historic", but it was invented by me to obtain the maximum softness of the string.

It is therefore a type of bass alternative to the Cordoni di Roma, which are instead made with historical criteria, for those who want to play baroque music without using Silver Wound strings.

The great success that the Cordoni Cordedrago have received so far, attests to their exceptional quality.

They are particularly suitable for the Baroque violin (naked gut Sol), Viola and Cello, Viola da gamba family, Lute, archlute, chitarrone or theorbo and baroque guitar, Medieval and ethnic instruments.

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Cordoni Cordedrago
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