because it cares a lot about the historicity of the musical approach

The PREMIO BONPORTI COMPETITION 2022 is for ensembles!
There is an optional Historical Composition Competition

Proposed set for a viola da gamba soprano of cm. 38 of vibrant length:

On the set there is a 10% discount, otherwise it is possible to choose types and gauges of strings as you like, for example the Re bass can be replaced by a Cordone Cordedrago or a Copper loaded.


Set proposed:

Set corde per Viola da gamba soprano
140,00 € each / 144,00 € each
Choose options

Single strings:

Ritorte di Salle
7,00 € each / 30,00 € each
Cantini di Napoli
10,00 € each / 45,00 € each
Cordoncini di Roma
30,00 € each / 150,00 € each
Appesantite in Rame
40,00 € each / 375,00 € each
Cordoni di Roma
30,00 € each / 300,00 € each
Cordoni Cordedrago
50,00 € each / 330,00 € each

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