Only for 2024, anyone who scraps their set of plastic strings for lute, archlutes and theorbos, by sending them to us, will be entitled to a 35% discount on Ritorte di Salle, Cantini di Napoli and Cordoni di Roma, and 20% on other strings!

Choose quality, do your lute a favor, let it express the voice it has inside!

 It is currently not possible to start processing directly from the slaughtered animal, as was done in ancient times, due to bureaucratic / health problems that are difficult to circumvent (TSE), and because such a choice would imply logistical problems and unrealistic final costs. In the past, however, attempts have been made to follow the entire supply chain using lambs bred in Tuscany in the open air and without feed - therefore in ideal conditions - but despite this, there was no greater resistance or quality of the gut, and consequently it was renounced to continue, at least for the moment, in this research direction.

Using instead excellent quality guts of lamb or kid, imported mainly from Pakistan and preserved in salt, already cleaned almost completely of the external part (serosa) and internal (sub-mucosa), the first operation that is performed is to eliminate the salt with repeated baths in water. However, the desalted gut is not at all ready for twisting, because it requires repeated operations of degreasing and removing sub-mucosa residues, in order to obtain a "thread" - as it was defined in ancient times and as it actually appears - white and transparent, absolutely free of grease and impure elements that would compromise the elasticy and sound of the string. The main operations necessary to obtain a quality gut string are described in the following cards.

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