Only for 2024, anyone who scraps their set of plastic strings for lute, archlutes and theorbos, by sending them to us, will be entitled to a 35% discount on Ritorte di Salle, Cantini di Napoli and Cordoni di Roma, and 20% on other strings!

Choose quality, do your lute a favor, let it express the voice it has inside!

The production of demi-filée is temporarily suspended.

The demi-filée are strings wound with silver on a core in natural gut or silk, with the characteristic that the spinning is not tightened but normally spaced by the diameter of the thread itself, so that the string is substantially wound in half: the sound is therefore intermediate between that of a string in whole gut and a wound one, and is therefore suitable in particular for the middle register of the Baroque violin (Re), the Viola da gamba family and the Three-order harp.

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