Only for 2024, anyone who scraps their set of plastic strings for lute, archlutes and theorbos, by sending them to us, will be entitled to a 35% discount on Ritorte di Salle, Cantini di Napoli and Cordoni di Roma, and 20% on other strings!

Choose quality, do your lute a favor, let it express the voice it has inside!

Violino barocco con corde in budello e Sol filato

Two sets for baroque violin are proposed here: one from the seventeenth century and one from the eighteenth century.

The seventeenth century set includes:

  • as Mi a Ritorte di Salle,
  • as La a Cantino di Napoli,
  • as a Re a Cordoncino di Roma
  • as a Sol, a Cordone Cordedrago, that is, a naked gut string, given that the invention of Silver wounded strings dates back to as early as 1659, but it was widespread only in the late eighteenth century (Sol was still used in the first half of the century in bare gut).

In the eighteenth century set the first three strings are identical, but a Sol Silver Wound was planned.

By opting instead for a custom order, by clicking on the "add to cart" buttons in the "Prices" menu, you can select other types of strings for the first string, such as a Cantino di Napoli, certainly the best in terms of sonority, but which is recommended above all for recordings or personal study, because its resistance to breaking cannot be guaranteed 100%, especially in the case of a concert, being subjected to stress due to changing weather conditions ( for this reason it is always advisable to lower it by one tone when the instrument is not used); in the case of the Sol, with a seventeenth-century frame, one can also opt for a Cordone di Roma, a "philological" string, because it reproduces the technique described in a coeval source (there remains a memory of the ancient use of a Cordone as Sol in the treatise of Francesco GaleazziElementi teorico-pratici di musica, who calls with that name the silver wounded string in use at that time), or a Copper loaded string.


Set proposed:

Set corde per Violino barocco con montatura seicentesca
90,00 € each / 100,00 € each
Choose options
Set corde per Violino barocco con montatura settecentesca
95,00 € each / 105,00 € each

Single strings:

Ritorte di Salle
8,00 € each / 31,00 € each
Cantini di Napoli
10,00 € each / 47,00 € each
Cordoncini di Roma
28,00 € each / 152,00 € each
Appesantite in Rame
44,00 € each / 379,00 € each
Cordoni di Roma
30,00 € each / 300,00 € each
Cordoni Cordedrago
48,00 € each / 330,00 € each

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