Liuto a 7 ordini con corde in budello del tipo Cantino di Napoli, Catlines di Bologna e Rosse di Pistoia per i bassi

The gut strings for the lute family must be differentiated according to the various acute medium and bass registers, as evidenced by historical sources, in particular Thomas Mace and John Dowland, who distinguish various sorts, or types of strings, which are reproduced as follows.

For first strings or cantini we recommend using Ritorte di Salle for the tensile strength of these strings and their low cost.

For the acute and middle register and for the octaves we recommend the Cantini di Napoli, which have a beautiful sound.

For bass strings you can use the Cordoncini di Roma up to 130 gauge and beyond the Cordoni di Roma; unfortunately, due to health reasons, I cannot sell the Red Pistoys, but are available Copper loaded, which are thinner than Cordoni di Roma, and very resonant.

To establish the gauge of the strings or calculate the spacing of the strings on the fretboard it is advisable to install the excellent Paul Beier string calculator, very simple and very easy to use.

Once you have established the necessary gauges and the most suitable types of strings, you can use the "add to cart" buttons in the "Prices" menu to complete the order, or you can send an e-mail with the detailed list to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In the case of long bordoni for theorbo, it is advisable to place an order via email only with precise information regarding the length of the strings required, in addition to their gauge and type.


Single strings:

Ritorte di Salle
8,00 € each / 31,00 € each
Choose options
Cantini di Napoli
12,00 € each / 47,00 € each
Cordoncini di Roma
32,00 € each / 152,00 € each
Appesantite in Rame
44,00 € each / 379,00 € each
Cordoni di Roma
30,00 € each / 300,00 € each

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